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Main Street Heritage Models "Billy's Place" Kit No.103 
This little store in Norton's Landing has always been known as Billy's.  Originally it was a grocery and produce stand, with the requisite boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables stacked on the wooden sidewalks.  William Vanduzer, the owner, would give apples to children who gathered there after school. 

Billy's survived at this location for 54 years.  The little building was then vacant, a fix-it shop, and a succession of neighborhood bars.  Now Warren "Billy" Osborn has his sandwich shop here, with cold drinks, ice cream and daily specials.  He is considering serving frozen yogurt, if he can find any space for the machine.
HO Scale” 2.1" x 3.5"

Main Street Heritage Models "Moffat Bookstore" Kit No. 108 
(Barbershop & Bookstore)

Here is another "typical" retail building built on Main Streets throughout America. (The false front might identify it as western, but in fact false fronts were not entirely uncommon in other parts of the country.) We know the smaller store on the left was built later. They eventually needed more room and added the lean-to. 
HO Scale” 4.25" x 4.25"

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